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·1· Installation

13-Nov-2012 [14]

Part of Documentation

Upload the files

  1. upload the MusterWiki package to the root directory of the website (or to a subdirectory if you are installing a subsite).

Create the database

  1. create a MySQL database for the website
  2. add a user to the database with the following privileges: Lock Tables, Select, Create Temporary Tables, Delete, Insert, Update
  3. run musterwiki.sql in the database (this takes a few seconds)

Configure the server

  1. invoke the site (or subsite) in a browser
  2. this will produce a Kohana diagnostic report. If there are issues, work with your systems integrator or ISP to resolve them
  3. on the server: change the name of install.php to install.php.x in the installation's root directory
  4. in application/config/database.php update the database settings beginning line 20 - the <database name>, <user name> and <password>
  5. in application/config/basecontroller.php update the contact, domaintitle, and headertitle values (contact is the email that appears under "Contact" in the right sidebar, domaintitle appears as a prefix in the browser tab, headertitle appears in the header bar).

Set Webmaster email address and password

  1. invoke the site (or subsite) in a browser
  2. login as Usercode "Webmaster", Password "password" (all case sensitive)
  3. click on "my account" in the right sidebar
  4. in the Basic Information tab, update the email address to a valid email, and update any other information you wish (hit the Save button when you're done)
  5. in the Password tab update your password (hit the Change password button when you're done).
  6. log out and log in using your new password

Configure the application system properties

  1. when logged in, at the bottom of the right sidebar, click on "system"
  2. in the left sidebar, click on "system properties"
  3. update the system properties according to the following table (do not change properties not listed in the table)
System properties
Code Value Notes
AdministratorEmailAddress valid email address for questions from members re: automatic emails
Copyright copyright notice appears in page footers; can be html
Description description of your website appears in home page html meta description
Owner the name of the owner of the website appears in footer
OwnerWebsite url the website of the owner - format
ReturnEmailAddress valid email address used in some automated emails
Website the domain of the current website used in automated correspondence - format:
WebsiteName text used for website links used in automated correspondence
  1. Hit the "Save" button


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