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About this website

06-Nov-2012 [4]

This website is about Muster Topics, a Content Management System written primarily in PHP.

The author of the custom code portion is Henrik Bechmann, a software developer who climbed on the PC train in 1981 with the release of the first IBM PC.

After years of developing custom departmental database applications for large organizations, Henrik turned his sights on web applications in 2004. The first four years were taken up assembling website skills and tools with the development of a number of non-profit websites (the celos family of websites) using basic website tools (html, css, javascript, php, sql) and wiki tools.

In 2008 he started a two year project to develop a prototype database-driven website application framework. Then in 2010 he took the lessons learned to develop Muster Topics, released in November 2012.

Henrik thinks that Muster Topics is not only a good functional CMS (see as a showcase), but is also a good foundation for further expansion of database application capability.