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·9· Managing Member Permissions and Content Approvals

14-Nov-2012 [21]

Part of Documentation

Member Permissions

Administrators can manage member permissions by clicking on members under "Administration" in the right sidebar, and then clicking on a member's UserCode to navigate to that member's account information. Member permissions can be set in the Administration options tab.

Several member permission fields can be updated:

Field Options Notes
Role Member, Contributor, Author, Moderator, Editor, Administrator, Governor, Webmaster See table below. Administrator or higher can change role; Administrator and Governor can promote to role up to one below; Webmaster can promote to level of own role
Status Active, Banned, Denied, Requested Active is the only setting that allows the user to log in; Requested indicates first request to become a member
Comments checked, unchecked Member can leave comments
Blogging checked, unchecked Member can create blog and blog entries
Articles checked, unchecked Member can create content, subject to Role
Un-moderated checked, unchecked member can publish content without authorization

Here are descriptions of the roles available (from lowest to highest rank). Each rank has all permissions of previous rank. All activities subject to above authorizations.

Role Description
Member can log in; can add comments if authorized
Contributor limited posting - to own documents and blogs, and where designated collaborator
Author can add library records, upload files, and add widget code
Moderator can authorize publish requests
Editor can authorize publish requests and modify any content
Administrator can edit, and manage membership approvals; can bulk upload to directories
Governor can promote members to Administrator
Webmaster can promote members to Governor and Webmaster; can manage system settings

Content Approvals

Authorized members will see an Approvals menu in the right sidebar, consisting of four options: articles, comments, pictures, memberships. These choices take the user to the respective lists, constrained by the requested properties of these lists.

To approve or decline requests, the administrator can hold the Ctrl key when selecting an item to process, which will cause it to open in a separate window or browser tab.

Note that members who have approval authority also have authority to leave Moderator Notes in the notes tab of processed content records, to give requesting members feedback.

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