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·1· Introduction

07-Nov-2012 [9]

A Wiki that knows how to Tell a Story

Muster Wiki allows you to assemble and present web pages, like other content management software. But it goes a step further with Topics.

You can

  • assemble website pages into lists called Topics (and you can re-use individual web pages in multiple Topics),
  • put those Topic web pages in some order that tells a story, or leads the user through a complex topic,
  • annotate each Topic web page with a sentence or two that acts as a "Guide" to the user,
  • write a "Cover" page for the Topic as an overall guide, and then
  • let the user easily flip through the pages of that Topic to read the story.

Since Topics are themselves web pages, Topics can be included in Topics (giving you sub-topics).

Good for reader self-study, non-profits, presentations, in-depth analysis, history, travelogs, and lots of things we haven't thought of yet. Best of all, the structure of the website can evolve as volume grows, and insights develop and change.

Plus there's blogging, comments, picture management ... and more ...

Technically the software supports domain farm installations, and subdirectory installations.

Mobile Friendly: if the client space available to Muster Wiki drops below 1034 pixels wide (as in small mobile devices), 2 things happen.

  1. the left and right sidebars convert to header drop-downs, saving space
  2. autopreview for links (external websites), and document files (typically pdf's) is turned off, thus saving bandwidth
to come together; collect; assemble; gather

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