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Container: Development Notes

Development Tasks

11-Nov-2012 [11]

  1. implement privileged for all records
  2. profile list
  3. delete webpages token
  4. markup import routines for library wdiget type
  5. javascript reload image in picture record (when picture replaces)
  6. re-work messaging
  7. rss
  8. shutdown for maintenance notice
  9. bug - record 704.html
  10. remove deadwood from source files
  11. remove deadwood from mySQL
  12. check actual changes before account notify
  13. capture user IP address
  14. add permission filter for all menu items
  15. rationalize errorpage
  16. add admin email to account pages
  17. with(...)
  18. remove unneeded frames
  19. clean out expired member applications automatically
  20. menu parameter not converting to boolean
  21. secureHTML field
  22. topic search MPTT
  23. member previous/first should be disabled for null list
  24. topic search - scope is current topic/folder
  25. show relevance score with searches
  26. gateway doesn't coerce boolean control parameter data type
  27. notice for trash request?
  28. cross-attach selected option in attachments admin
  29. see about set autolock off for change parent page
  30. use lock table for change document type
  31. register sidebars for each object
  32. "mixed" rights package is a hack. Needs to be replaced by sql "exists" statement(s)
  33. option to suppress topic or folder (container) cover page
  34. close quicktoc on selection (click) of an item
  35. <<show markup>> macro
  36. implement description meta for pages
  37. implement keywords meta for pages
  38. integrate Ace code editor
  39. regex back-check for ~ on pre close }}} and comment back-ticks
  40. context-switches for themes and skins (including mobile skin)
  41. instanceid and path for blog templates, including partial plank, blog record sidebar, etc.
  42. mmsource attribute added to generated html to allow parsing html back to mm (muster markup).
  43. tray ("my tray") floats above Muster Wiki to hold lists (a pile) of records. Carrying this pile around while changing web pages allows addition of content to the pile items, or pile items to be added to underlying page items.
  44. replace with current domain name in login "whitlisting" message
  45. allow user to select views of the website, eg. if administrator, see the website from lower rights point of view.
  46. bug - field search on database form loses context when returned - next page completely loses search context - probably the data isn't passed to the next page form at the bottom of the database search results
  47. consider using Symfony2 low-level framework instead of kohana
  48. consider using Varnish accelerator
  49. floating menu that stays visible at top of browser window
  50. organize core extension feature: "services"
  51. services in their own directories, with a service.ini file.
  52. service.ini specifies named queues that the service should be woken up for
  53. core has named queues, named scaffolds (themes), which have skins
  54. all services can pub/sub
  55. core has a few engines: queues (lists), template
  56. core has a few structures: record, list
  57. all core objects can be containers
  58. dispatch involves service, method (operation), subject (a complex object), and parameters ($data - a simple object):
    service.method($data = NULL, $subject = NULL)
  59. first thing method does is explode((array) $data)
  60. by convention all passed parameters start name with '_'
  61. introspection standards for mutual discovery
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