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Home Page Master

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Home Page Master

Setup: 07-Nov-2012 [7]

A Collaborative Publishing Tool (Wiki)*

Welcome to, the home of Muster Wiki (see Wikipedia definition of Wiki).

Muster Wiki is designed as a collaborative publishing tool, with the capacity to organize and present a high volume of complex material. Think advocacy site, reference material, website library or study site. It can act as the main website software, or as a sub-site. See for a showcase application.

Given its functionality, its main strength is its ease of administration, including

  • easy setup
  • minimal ongoing administration
  • no traditional menus or "taxonomies"

Menus are not required because authors just add content records to (one or more) "containers". It's sort of like directories with short-cuts, or nested labels. The containers automatically provide access lists to their own contents. The access lists can be ordered alphabetically, by date, or by custom order. Containers can even have Cover Pages to explain their content.

The home page is also organized as a container, with each tab representing a contained record.

Besides hosting original material, Muster Wiki can also act as a portal, hosting previews to websites and pdf documents, pictures (think picture albums), and "widgets" (embed code from the likes of YouTube, Google Maps, and Prezi).

There is a robust permission system, but note that owing to its flexibility, Muster Wiki collaborators should be trusted.

**Now (a little) mobile friendly!**

Home Page Master

Setup: 07-Nov-2012 [7]

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Date: 07-Nov-2012 [9]

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Date: 12-Nov-2012 [12]

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